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Melbourne Psychologists

Affordable and Effective Treatment!

Providing specialist treatment in a comfortable and private setting from a team of highly experienced Psychologists
who are trained in helping you overcome your issues as effectively as possible.


Grief, Loss & Trauma

When grief doesn't go away problems like depression and anxiety can occur. You may also find that your ability to get through your daily routines is affected. When this happens, itm ay be time to seek out professional help from our team who have years of experience in helping you move forward and begin to enjoy life again.

Anxiety Problems

When your level of worrying begins to interfere with your ability to concentrate or begins to make you feel physically uncomfortable, nauseous or constantly stressed and tense, it may be time to seek our our professional services. We have helped hundreds of people overcome their anxiety using the latest techniques.

Depression & Mood Disorders

Depression is more than just sadness and can range from being slightly uncomfrotable to extremely debilitating. Our team of Psychologists are trained in helping people overcome their depression. We are also trained in providing therapy for people suffering with Treatment Resistant Depression, a form of depression that has not responded to other treatments.

Specialist Eating Disorder Treatment

Our Psychologists are trained and experienced in poviding specialised treatment for all types of eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. Our Psychologists have worked in several Specialsit Eating Disorder Services and can help you overcome your issues. They also understand the importance of working with other health providers, such as your GP or Dietitian in managing your recovery.

Conveniently Located

We are located in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs just off the Monash Freeway, 15 minutes from the CBD.

Medicare Rebates

With a Mental Health Care Plan and referral from your GP you will be eligible for a rebate from Medicare. In 2015, Medicare set the rebate to $124.50 per session for up to 10 individual sessions per calendar year. The rebate can be claimed from any Psychologist not just the Psychologist your GP referred you to originally.

Independent Surrogacy Assessment

We provide a range of services for people considering or going through the surrogacy process in Australia including Independent Psychological Assessments for applications being sought in Victoria and other States.

Fertility Treatment

Our Psychologists are also registered with ANZICA (Australia and New Zelaand Infertility Counsellors) and are familiar with the full range of issues that can arise during your fertility treatment and are available to advise you on the process and help you manage the journey separate from your chosen fertility clinic.

Your Psychologist will provide you with an individually tailored course of treatment to help you overcome your issues in a respectful yet effective manner.

Melbourne Psychologists

At the Melbourne Centre for ISTDP we are a team of registered and experienced Clinical Psychologists that specialise
in helping people overcome life’s challenges in a respectful and non-judgemental manner.

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